The Mission One from ATMOS is a powerful and intelligent dive computer for scuba and free diving enthusiasts. Its advanced alarm system provides instant vibration and intuitive display notification. Equipped with GPS and digital compass make users stay oriented underwater and meanwhile upload dive site's GPS location to ATMOS's divelog App above surface. Robust and sleek, it's the most desirable dive companion to ensure professional and recreational divers the best diving experience.

Product Description
Buhrmann ZHL-16c decompression model (conservatively adjustable)
4MODE: Air, Nitrox 21%-40%, Free, Gauge, Smart Watch
Water Resistance 100M 
Mobile app connection
OTA Update Software
Multi-lingual :English , Chinese Simplified and Tradition

Scuba and Nitrox Mode:
Clear large font diving screen
The backlight is always bright convenient for night dive 
Electronic compass
Safety stop / Decompression /  Fast Ascent  / Depth / Time and other alarms
Diving alert reminds: sound, vibration, and surface information
Ascent rate display
GPS dive site record and guidance (surface use)
Light/salt water
100 dive log records
Dive planning
Residual nitrogen reset, convenient for switch user.

Free diving mode
Clear large font diving screen
Five groups of deep reminders
Five groups of diving time reminders
Diving alert reminds you of sound, vibration, and surface information
Surface interval complete reminder
Ascent / Descent rate display
Surface code meter
Light/salt water
GPS dive site record and guidance (surface use)
100 divelog records

The wisdom of life
Mobile message notification / Incoming call reminder
Code table timing
Multiple sets of alarm clocks
Second time zone
Gesture lighting backlight
Electronic compass

What’s in the box?
MISSION ONE  watch + silicone strap 1
USB charging Cable 1
Screen guard 2
Quick start guide 1

2 Year manufacturer warranty for dive computer. Send back to Local Dealer for warranty claim.

Atmos Mission One Dive Computer


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